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Catholic Curriculum Options

If you are a first time homeschooler, you will have to make several choices when it comes to curriculum. There are so many choices that it might become overwhelming. To avoid this, do your research first! This isn't the end-all list as there might be more publishers/schools available of which I may not be aware of.

Catholic Curriculums (that you can enroll your children in OR use as a book store):

Catholic Heritage Curricula
P.O. Box 125, Twain Harte, CA 95383 1-800-490-7713
It is Catholic Heritage Curricula's belief that, when solid academics are offered in a gentle, flexible manner, the vast majority of children will blossom spiritually, emotionally, and academically. CHC’s educational approach lays a joyful foundation, resulting in children who achieve at and above grade level, do not ‘burn out,’ and instead ‘learn how to learn’. freebies

Mother of Divine Grace School
P.O. Box 1810, Ojai, CA 93024 1-805-646-5818 
Mother of Divine Grace School is a distance education program which helps parents implement a Catholic classical education in their home. It is designed in the light of the classical principle that the goal of education is to teach children how to think; to help them learn the art of learning. If children learn how to learn, they will be equipped for life, able to master any subject when it becomes necessary or desirable. Further, the curriculum is faithful to the doctrine and teaching of the Catholic Church, which enlightens and informs all the areas of the curriculum.

Our Lady of the Rosary School, Inc.
1010 Withrow Court, Bardstown, KY 40004 502.348.1338
This company uses the book Jesus Comes which is the foundation book for St. Anne's Audio Catechism and Copybook for First Communion. This site offers beautiful encouraging wor ds to parents about the sacrament of Matrimony giving them the graces necessary to educate their children. They offer many Catholic homeschool curriculum. Here is what they say:
"Full service home education provider. Full enrollment, independent study enrollment, single courses, and on-line catalog available."

Our Lady of Victory School
421 South Lochsa Street, Post Falls, ID 83854 208-773-7265
This company has been noted for using the old Baltimore Catechism and old Catholic textbooks as well as many other Catholic homeschool curriculum. See their republication of many Catholic books at Lepanto Press. They, too, have started creating copybooks with theme based content. It is an accredited Catholic home schooling apostolate. Here is what they say:

"Since 1977, OLVS homeschooling has been providing Roman Catholic curriculum and Roman Catholic textbooks. The curriculum and textbooks used in our ..."

Seton Home Study School
1350 Progress Dr, Front Royal, VA 22630 540-636-9990

This company has totally rewritten many old Catholic textbooks into a more homeschool user-friendly format with illustrated workbooks. A real plus is that it has edited out some of the bad themes from the old books. We really appreciate this discernment. Seton, too, has started creating copybooks with theme based content such as history and offers other Catholic homeschool curriculum. Here is what they say:
"Seton Home Study School is an accredited Catholic home schooling apostolate under the Roman ... Get a sneak peek at Seton’s outstanding K-12 curriculum. ..."


Like a More Eclectic Approach (piecing things together on your own)?

CatholiCity, PO Box 26101, Fairview Park, OH 44126
This company has a variety of services that can be a great service to Catholic homeschoolers like the Catholic Encyclopedia (1914) where you can "search or browse 11,000+ articles on Catholic teaching and history".
They have the "Best Catholic Links" an "Exclusive database. Hundreds of carefully screened links." See St. Anne's Helper listed there under Education and Homeschool! Here's what they say:
Catholicity "offers free Catholic CDs and novels, Catholic news and commentary, and the best Catholic links on the web."

Kidica, Moxy Media, 503 Imperial Road North, Units 5 - 9 Guelph, Ontario Canada N1H6T9 Tel: 1-866-669-9320
This website is an independent information guide that is written, edited and maintained Moxy Media, a leading publisher of online consumer information guides. Our goal is to provide factual, up-to-date information and shopping advice to online consumers. This site does not sell products directly and is not affiliated with any individual manufacturer. Search for "Catholic" to find their Catholic resources.  Information for Parents on Kids Entertainment including Family Travel Editor

St. Anne's Audio Catechism and Copybook

St. Anne's Audio Helper, P.O.B. 7, Belvue, KS 66407-0007  785-456-1711

This company has put together the best Catholic answers to the Baltimore Catechism for First Communion and Confirmation. This is a God-send for certitude later on when parents are trying to decide which books are truly Catholic. Having the basic Catholic beliefs correct makes discernment much easier. The student is well fortified with these Catholic answers! Here is what they say:
"Audio catechism CDs reduce the effort necessary to memorize the Baltimore Catechism answers and Catholic prayers. Copybooks help with the memorization and beautiful handwriting..."

Catholic Book Providers (buy your books from them):
The Heldridge Family, Frederick Square Shopping Center, 2992 S. 84th St., Omaha, NE 68124 Call us at 402-502-3162, or toll-free at 888-392-1973
This company offers a great variety of the best books, art, and games for Catholic Homeschooling! Be sure to visit to see their many Catholic gifts as well. Here is what they say: Adoremus Books (Latin for "Let Us Adore!") carries a broad selection of top quality books and resources designed to enrich your Catholic home from the Fathers of the Church to the great writers of today, Adoremus Books has something for everyone.

Catholic Gifts Fulfillment, P.O. Box 291, Coppell, Texas 75019
This company offers over 7000 Religious products including Bibles, vestments, church goods, statues, and over 2000 rosaries. Here is what they say: "Our mission is to provide: The largest selection of Catholic products, Exceptional service, Outstanding value! is Catholic owned and operated. We don't just sell to make a profit, we sell out of genuine devotion to the Catholic Faith. We are a Catholic Business Enterprise.

El Camino Real
El Camino Real, PO Box 84, Thompsons, TX 77481
This company offer The De La Salle Readers crown their book selection! We did not know that these were in print. These seem to be excellent old Catholic books, a rare find! We love the pedagogy in the front of the books. They have many other good Catholic homeschool books as well. Here is what they say:
"El Camino Real is a Catholic book store dedicated to spreading and publishing classic traditional Catholic books for individuals, families, and home school families who want to learn more about the liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Church doctrine, scripture, bible study, theology, apologetics, devotions, the saints, Catholic literature and the spiritual life."
Lepanto Press
421 S. Lochsa Street, Post Falls, ID 83854 208-773-7265
This company has been noted for using the old Baltimore Catechism and old Catholic textbooks. See their Catholic homeschool curriculum, also. They, too, have started creating copybooks with theme based content. Here is what they say:
"From the beginning, OLVS stressed Religion as the common thread throughout the curriculum, with an accent on the history of the Church. We have also emphasized the importance of good Catholic literature, and we are revising our Music program to teach young children the appreciation of Folk, Classical, and Sacred Music, including polyphony and chant."
Neumann Press
The Neumann Press, 21892 County 11, Long Prairie, MN 56347 1-800-746-2521

This company has excellent Catholic homeschool books especially if you are using Laura Berquist's method or are unschooling. They have a two book set for Homeschool advice in particular. Some of the most precious books for children are at this site. They have republished Jesus Comes which is the back bone of St. Anne's Audio Catechism and Catechism Copybook. It is an excellent book with modest and delightful pictures to go along with some bible stories and the Baltimore Catechism. Here is what they say:
 "The Neumann Press is named after Saint John Neumann, bishop of Philadelphia (1851 to 1860), the first man from the United States of America canonized by the Church. Our goal and primary purpose is to republish orthodox, traditional and classic Catholic books that have gone out of print."

Tan Books
TAN Books & Publishers, PO Box 424, Rockford, IL 61105-0424 1-800-437-5876

This company has made a phenomenal effort to republish truly excellent Catholic homeschool books, again, especially if you are using Laura Berquist's method or are unschooling. They also publish excellent editions of the Douay-Rheims Bible, the Catechism of the Council of Trent, and the Catholic Missal. We have been grateful to use the Catechism of the Council of Trent with our highschool children, it is plain spoken and easy to read! Read what they say:
"TAN Books and Publishers was founded by Thomas A. Nelson in 1967, when the problems developing in the Church were clear and becoming more severe. Many Catholic publishers such as Benziger and Bruce were getting out of Catholic publishing. Mr. Nelson recalls that at age 30, after studying politics and world events, he concluded that the only way to turn around the political situation in the U.S. and the world was through spiritual means. He believed that if enough people were living in the state of grace and striving to do God's will, then, “for the sake of the elect,” God would “run interference” for the just in the social and political arena, according to Proverbs 21:1: “The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord: whithersoever he will he shall turn it.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery
142 Joseph Blane Road, Silver City, New Mexico, 88061-9799
This monastery offers an excellent supply of unusual Catholic homeschool books highlighting Benedictine spirituality. They have excellent selections for the study of Latin and caligraphy that we have not seen anywhere else. Their website has a pdf of their 48 page catalog that is well worth the manual request. They are happy to take your order by phone.  Their book list is well focused and has rare finds.

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