Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome Homeschoolers!

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Welcome to Catholic Blogging Homeschooling Mamas!!!
Raising and Teaching Little Saints in small ways but with big love! One Day at a Time...

Oh, how exciting! I've had this idea on my mind for weeks now. I've been thinking, breathing, sleeping, eating, praying all things homeschooling. Well, not just homeschooling but CATHOLIC homeschooling - there is a difference you know? A Catholic Homeschooler's main focus is on raising little saints, don't you agree? (I'm sure great scholars will also come out of this deal, but that's just an indirect outcome of the low teacher to student ratio and the individualized lesson plans!)

I MUST confess that this whole topic was pretty foreign to me up until about ten months ago. I mean I knew what it meant to home-school, I have my share of friends who are involved in it. What caught my attention is how much they (and their children) love it! I also liked how it became part of their way of life. It wasn't just a set time for schooling, it was raising and teaching children...oh goodness, could it be proper parenting? LOL!

Even with eleven years of teaching experience, I feel like such a newbie when it comes to this. It's such a different world! Thanks to so many blogging mamas out there, I have learned so much; oh, they have NO IDEA how much my world has changed thanks to them! Also, the amazing new friends the Lord has sent our way from the local Co-Ops and Play Groups which have guided me (and continue to guide me) in our homeschooling journey.

So now that I am here, trying to plan and learn and get ready for the Fall, I realized that I had too many tabs on my browser open, why? Simply because all of the wonderful resources that are out there are in many different sites but NOT in a single site, which is what planted the seed in my mind that there was a need for this blog/site.

I did pray about this little dilemma and suddenly these wonderful ideas started popping in my mind and as each idea intertwined with the other, I knew it was God talking back. Don't you just love how perfect His plans are? I do! (now if only I was a little more patient, lol). I have had this stirring in me about creating a place were all these fantastic ideas would meet. So, our main goal is to create a one stop blog site for all things homeschooling (with a special emphasis on Catholic homeschooling). Think of this as a guide to make the transition smoother for mamas and papas out there that want to begin homeschooling but don't know how, why, where, etc. (like me, ten months ago, lol). Also, a resource for parents out there who aren't sure which program or book to use. For those who are seasoned home schoolers, this would be the place were you can share your wisdom with others. This would be an online community that would serve as a resource for others. We would have an expert panel, guest speakers, book suggestions, etc. The possibilities are endless!

There are a couple of things that I'm not familiar with but my tech support guy, AKA my DH, will help me with. Such as formatting templates, HTML coding, you know all the techy stuff that I don't know about but fortunately, my better half does. So sit back relax and follow us as we build this great online community from the ground up. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

The ideas in my head are still (and slowly) materializing in this blog. Please sign up for updates on posts or just simply come back and see us again soon! In God's time not ours...GBY!

PS: Thank you, DH, for your patience with my million questions the past couple of weeks, you are such a saint! See we raise little and big saints as well (the very important Papas) - a two for one deal! Yet another perk for the homeschooling Mama! ;)

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