Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome our New RLS Blogger...Cristina

The purpose for this blog has evolved a little from its start back in June of 2009. At its commencement, the Lord put in my heart to start a place where all Catholic Homeschoolers can gather to find support, encouragement, and enjoy each other's wonderful blogs. When I first started home educating, I had so much to learn (no matter how many years I had been teaching already - it was a total different world)! The blogs I found where mommies shared their ups and downs and ideas, were my source of energy and encouragement. I had just moved from one state to another, leaving my entire family behind. New to a place and new to homeschooling, I found myself very lonely but very excited to learn this new venue of schooling! As time has gone, and life happened, I had a million ideas for this blog but found that I didn't have the time to devout to it. So I started asking around (here on the blog and on Facebook to friends and acquaintances), for anyone interested in sharing their ideas. I've had four people interested in contributing to this lovely little blog and I'm super excited! We've even had some dads inquire which will bring an interesting dimension to the blog! On a side note, I took this opportunity to update this blog and give it a little look for the new year and new bloggers ;)

I am very excited to share that we are ready to submit the first post by our newest Raising Little Saints (RLS) blogger, Cristina. I've asked her to give our readers a little background about her, so without further adieu, meet Catholic Blogging Mama Cristina:

    I was born in Costa Rica some 36 years ago. Grew up between the city, the country and the beach, surrounded by siblings and cousins of all ages. My grandmother on my mother's side made sure I made it to Mass on Sundays and often gave me a few coins so I could light some candles. I strayed for a few years but found my way back home after I met my husband and he encouraged me to get back to my roots in the faith. So I have been walking this path, growing in faith for 12 years now and find that every day is a miracle.

    I went to college in Florida and graduated with a Bachelor's in Hospitality Management. Worked for hotels for a few years in everything from front office to revenue management. I married Christopher in November of 2000 and had our first daughter in September 2001. We switched shifts for her first year until we decided we'd all be better off if I stayed home with her. From that day on, I have been a stay at home mother and loved every minute of it. Yes, even the gross, sticky, stinky, cranky minutes are on my list of minutes I have loved. We have homeschooled our children since the beginning and plan, with God's grace, to homeschool them through high school.

    Three years ago I was diagnosed with two bulging discs in my back, bone spurring and scoliosis. No wonder it hurt so much to carry my children! My old cheer-leading (yes, I cheered in college but none of my girls will cheer, ever!) injuries were taking a huge toll on me. After lots of adjustments and an infinite search for the baby carrier that would allow me to carry my children for as long as possible, I decided to design my own. Now a run a very tiny home-based business at night, after all the kids have gone to bed and all the schoolwork is checked, making baby wraps for moms and grandmas. I love sewing so it works out very well; I sew and make something helpful, wonderful and amazing women use it and feel better. All in all, a great deal all around.

    So, as if a husband, four children, homeschooling, housework and a small business wasn't enough, now I find myself contributing to this wonderful blog. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts, my trials and my triumphs with all of you. God bless you and keep you always, Cristina
Friends, please leave a comment here, welcoming Cristina to our Raising Little Saints family!

If you are interested in becoming part of the RLS contributor, please e-mail me raisinglittlesaints {at} gmail {dot} com. You do not need to have a blog of your own to be a contributor...and you do not need to have blogging experience either just homeschooling experience and live a Catholic life - these are our only requirements. =) If you blog already and would like to submit posts to share with RLS readers, we can do that as well and link back to your blog (and as my DH-an Web Marketing Expert-reminds me often bring more traffic to your blog.) You help us, we help you! ;)

God bless you all and Happy Feast of the Three Kings!


  1. My Dear Friend and Supermom Idol blogging here?! W.O.W. I'm drooling in anticipation of your wise words! Great choice, Erika!

  2. So excited to see a good friend here in the blogging world!! Looking forward to your thoughts. Many blessings and welcome!!!!

  3. Thank you guys! Erika asked me to share some of our home experiences so here we go! It is super exciting. I miss you both dearly.