Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Catholic Preschool Curriculum - Introduction and a Giveaway {Catholic Icing}

Homeschoolers, looking for a great Catholic Preschool Curriculum for your little one?  Lacy has come out with a book she is selling just in time for the new school year.  What's more, she is hosting a giveaway, that's right!  Two blessed mommies, will get a chance to win her new book!  :)   Here's some info:

"This Catholic preschool curriculum is hands on all the way! From the unit studies, to learning the alphabet, to crafting, singing, and counting- this book strives to make learning (and teaching) fun! Hey, why shouldn't it be fun?
I designed the book to engage visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. The activities in this book help develop gross and fine motor skills. I believe that children learn best when they have multiple senses engaged, and when they have meaningful experiences that they can connect with. This book definitely helps you create these kind of experiences with your preschoolers. 
Catholic ABC's has 26 lessons that are based on the letters of the alphabet. They're meant to be used weekly. Each lesson includes a craft, bible verse, saint of the week, full color visual aid (usually in the form of beautiful artwork from the masters), and many lessons also include a bonus activity. The 5 unit studies follow the liturgical year and have directions for making unique learning tools to teach the story, and again, make it fun! The unit studies also teach the kids counting and numbers, and they all include a fun learning song.
               Unit Studies:
  1. Ordinary Time 1 - Creation
  1. Advent/Christmas - Nativity
  1. Ordinary Time 2 - 12 Apostles
  1. Lent - Stations of the Cross
  1. Easter - He is Risen!

Ready to try to win one for your homeschool?
Hop on over to Catholic Icing!

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