Monday, September 5, 2011

Noah's Ark and the Mind of the Homeschooling Mama

So what does Noah's Ark have anything to do with the mind of a Catholic Homeschooling Mama? Lots! Listen to this....

This is just too cool not to share with you! This isn't new information because it was completed in 2007, but to me it is! :p So here's the story:

A man in named Johan Huibers of Schagen in the Netherlands, a Dutch builder, has built a replica of the biblical ark as a true-life demonstration to his faith in the truth of the Bible names Johan's Ark. Schagen, the town he lives in, is about 40 miles north of Amsterdam.

The incredible thing is that when you see the following pictures, you will be amazed by it's immense size but this replica is ONLY half the size of the real thing! Johan created only a half size replica of what Noah made. I received this information via e-mail from a close friend and thought it was so neat that I wanted to share with you.

Also, I realized how much my mind has changed as far as receiving information and what I do with it.....I automatically wanted to save this information so that when I teach this story to my kids, we can take a virtual field trip (flying to the Netherlands with four kids, two adults, and on one income, isn't economically possible right now, lol), learn about the different metric systems around the world, also could be an architecture lesson, a science lesson on sink and float, recreating our own arks with popsicle sticks, and on and on and on! Ten months ago, I would have looked at this story read it and maybe forwarded to two or three other friends who might have thought it was, I can stretch it to cover so many subjects for both my older child and my preschoolers! For more on Noah's Ark, click here to go to the online Catholic encyclopedia.

Enjoy the pictures:


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