Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby's All Grown Up Now

We are going home (wireless)!
 We had our first Co-Op day this past Monday and I was assigned to the Nursery the first hour.  My four older kids got to go to enrichment classes while the "baby" and I went to our first assignment.  In the nursery, Dominic and I are joined by five babies (the real ones) ages 3 months to 11 months and three other toddlers (okay our "baby" is really in this category).  Dominic went straight to playing while the mommies watched them and the little babies in the room.  I got to hold two of the babies while in the room and made me realize just how big Dominic had gotten in such a short time, just 16 months.  The smell of a new baby is just totally priceless - yummy!  All of a sudden, it made me realize just how much I yearned for another little blessing in our home (but he/she needs to come with a passenger van as we have maxed out our Mazda, lol).

Finally going home!  I was one happy Mama!
Then the biggest reminder that our Dominic is getting bigger hit me when we had to do some cleaning up and putting away.  It makes me sad because of the fact that our little baby is all grown up now (sorta) and because of the excitement I felt when Todd brought all the newborn baby gadgets up from the basement just a year or so ago.  The baby walker was one of the items that made me realize just how big our baby was and how quickly he started walking...then running!  To think back of those 10 days he was in the NICU, which seemed endless then, seems like such a speck now.  Didn't he just start crawling the other day?  Didn't his first foods and steps just happen?  Where did the time go so fast? While I know he is still very little at only 16 months, it just seems like too much has happened already, and to think there is so much more to

He is a true joy in our lives, the perfect number five as we call him.  He just fits in with our little family so well, it's amazing!  "He is content in his own skin," my husband says of him all the time.  This is so true, he is a happy and lovable little one.  Which makes me be thankful to God that everything turned out okay and his labor scare was just that...and that God is always in control and taking care of us!  (His labor went from everything's perfect to a prolapsed cord in about 5 minutes...rush to a C-Section....NICU for 10 days...glow-worm baby w/ Jaundice) rocked my world from day one!)

Proud big brother, Josef, gets to hold the glow-worm Baby!

Only a couple of months old.   

Dominic at 16 months.
We love our little guy so much...but I think we are ready for another baby.  I'm not getting any younger, in less than four months I will be turning 38, and conception has not been so easy all the time for us.  So please keep us in your prayers as we ask the Lord to bless us with another little bundle of joy - or maybe two (twins do run in both families, lol).

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