Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home, There is No Place Like It

Happy Stay-Home-Mom Anniversary to me! Today marks four years since I made the commitment to stay home and be the primary caretaker of my five little blessings.

As a person who had the degrees and dream job which fullfilled my ego to the max and helped me feel fulfilled, I can honestly tell you that all of that glory would crash when I came home to find out that my baby had walked for the first time or said his first word - minus the person who brought him into this world, me. Then I felt like a failure and all of the fame and glory of my multiple degrees and fabulous job meant nothing. 

It wasn't until I realized that my fertility and the childhood of my children was only for a specific and short period of my life that I truly understood why our grandmothers kept to the home and devoted their lives to creating great human beings. I have been home for four years now and at the end of the day, when all the floors are clean, my children are sleeping safely in bed tired from a fun day with mom and I'm sipping a glass of wine do I truly know that I am fulfilled. This baby making machine is happy that I am female and that I can have children...I have way too many friends who will never know the joy of hearing a little voice call them "mommy" For those women that are physically able to and that would listen to their inner gift of nurturing and loving and bearing and raising children, they will truly feel fulfilled. 

Furthermore, women would not need to fill their lives with shallow items: clothing, make up and the attention of the opposite sex for the wrong reasons..feeling fulfilled has to do with doing that which you are called to do/be. 

Blessed Mother Teresa was one of the most fulfilled women I have ever known. She gave her entire life for others. This kind of sacrifice is what this world is up something for others is the most satisfying act a human can do.

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