Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teaching Religion in the {Catholic} Homeschool

Quite often I am asked about how I deal with teaching religion in our homeschool. My thoughts on this have evolved over our 15+ years of homeschooling, mainly because I have evolved over that same time. When we first began homeschooling I was still in the learning phase of my faith; although I guess a more accurate term would be the “re-learning” phase because supposedly I had learned about my faith during my 10 years in CCD. What a joy it was to go through religion books with my oldest children when they were first starting out and learn right along with them. I think back in those early days we used almost every religion program out there: SetonFaith and Life, Image of God, The Baltimore Catechism.
As our knowledge and our children grew, we began to venture out into the world of activities more often. We happen to belong to a homeschool group that is very focused on activities that revolve around the faith. It was after a few years of being involved in processions, Masses, field trips to religious places, talks given by priests and lay faithful, religious ceremonies, reading saint stories etc. that I realized that this was our religion class. Yes we still needed to read about the specifics and learn the ins and outs of our faith, but living it is what made it all come to life.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2013

    Hi Erika~
    I am happy to find your site! I was looking into St. Thomas Academy and your blog came up. I have my youngest at home (going into 4th grade)that I am homeschooling in the Classical tradition using the Latin-Centered Curriculum. I have been happy with it so far but now I am intrigued about STAA. Could you share how it is working for you?

    {I met my husband on Catholic Match too but it was originally called St. Raphael's : )}

    Many blessings for your time~Theresa @ my desert heart