Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pope John Paul II {the Great} and Respect for Life

One of my favorite Catholic columnists is Matt C. Abbott over at Renew America.  I love Matt because he is honest but charitable about our Mother Church.  Like I tell my beloved, "If I want the real story, I look for Matt!"  If he hasn't written about it, we write him and ask him if he has or will look into it and he replies!  I love it!  Anyway, on the Eve of the Beatification of Pope John Paul II {the Great}, Matt has written a fantastic piece on a topic that I had not seen reported on regarding this Pope.  John Paul's influence on Humanae Vitae, made him a prolific fighter against the use of artificial birth control, and for human dignity and the sanctity of life!  Go visit Matt's column today entitled "John Paul II's influence on birth control encyclical, pro-life movement".

Along with this I saw Barbara Curtis post a link to an Abort73 video on Facebook that I'd like to share with you.  I am a cradle Catholic but I don't consider myself to have come to terms with this until my eleventh grade year in high school at the age of 16.  I remember at that ripe young age and seeing a picture of what a 9-week "fetus" looked like and from that moment on I knew that Abortion was Murder!  I took this to heart and that is when my outspokenness for the right to Life began.  A couple of years later, in my college Biology class, I spent two years with the same professor...even though he was a pro-choice advocate.  On the last day of our Biology:  Biodiversity of Life class (the second semester with him), when I asked if those "tissue masses" and "cells" were indeed alive and had life, he said, "there is life at the moment of tissues, live cells, yes there is life!  You got me there Erika!"

Here is the video Barbara Curtis shared:

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