Friday, November 11, 2011

Holy Heroes Advent Adventure - Advent Adventure 2011

I'm so excited to share this with you.  A group of our friends here got together and did their Summer Adventure and it was AMAZING!!!!

Advent is just around the corner, ladies, here is the free registration link to Holy Heroes's Advent Adventure:

Watch the short video for a glimpse of Holy Heroes Advent Adventure 2011!

Register for FREE now by clicking the registration button below--this year's Adventure starts just 2 weeks from today!
Never taken part in any of our "Adventures"? Here's what you need to know:
Who should take part?
  • Children of coloring age (any skill level) up to about age 12
  • Families that want to learn more about Catholic Advent traditions and practices, saints, and Our Lord, Jesus Christ!
  • BUSY families whose Moms and Dads want to use Advent to prepare for Christmas
...but who get so BUSY that the prayer and preparation of Advent gets lost about Dec 9th or 10th the DELUGE of stuff that we parents need to do to make a great family Christmas Day...

  • Anyone with a computer with internet access--then click, watch, listen, and download from each day's email (which is chock-full of fun and informative stuff)!

  • How much does it cost?
    • Zero
    • Zilch
    • Nada
    • It's all FREE! Just open up our daily email and let your kids click, watch, listen, and download up to an hour's worth of Catholic joy...while you can step away and get your own day started!
    What makes this Advent an extra-special Adventure?
    • The NEW MASS translation! We'll teach you all the new responses, step-by-step!
    • You can get "certified"! We'll show you how to earn a certificate * *with your name on it* * that proves you know the Mass!
    • You will SAVE $$$ on all our products! Every participant gets a discount code -- re-useable again and again during the Advent and Christmas seasons -- to save 15% (or more) on all our products!
    • We have special freebies and products and contests ONLY for "Adventurers"!Lots of fun for everyone!
    • All-new Glory Stories! And other new stuff! Yay!
    So, register NOW with the button below!
    May God bless you and yours,
    Your Adventure Guides: Virginia, Clara, Margaret, Trey, Anna, Therese, Lillian, and Caroline

    Advent Adventure Sign UpIt's time to sign up for Advent Adventure!
    If you are new to Advent Adventure, click the button to add Advent Adventure to your Holy Heroes email subscriptions profile.
    If you received the Advent Adventure emails in 2010, you are automatically signed up for AA 2011.

    PS PLEASE FORWARD (please!) this to your family and friends so they can sign up now, too! Holy Heroes Advent Adventure is only 14 days away!

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