Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lilla Rose Hair Product Line Giveaway {ends 3/28/12}

When I think of hair clips or pulling your hair back, I think of my second grade year of school. Second grade is a year I will always remember, besides being the year I received First Holy Communion, it was the year just after my father passed away and the year the Lord blessed me with the gift of Mrs. Mary Cento, my teacher at Loyola School in Florida. Mrs. Cento had beautiful skin and long blonde hair, to me she looked like an angel, and that year it was she who gave me so much needed love after loosing the love of my life, my Daddy. Mrs. Cento loved me, but she never liked seeing my long straight hair in my face. She would use what she had in a classroom, rubber bands, to remove my hair from blocking my view of my school work. Although a simple act, I always loved her for caring for me so much that year. I'm not sure if I didn't wear my hair back because we didn't have the money to buy something or if it was because my mom put something in my hair before leaving the house and I purposely wanted the beautiful angelic teacher of mine, to love me more that morning by taking care of me or what? But I never had my hair out of the way! Isn't it strange the little things that we remember as kids? Years later I was able to reconnect with the beautiful woman at a Catholic School Teacher Conference, now as peers. She remembered me as much as I remembered her! She really did love me! :D

This is similar to the beautiful clip
I received for my honest review.
Isn't it beautiful? 
Honestly, I have always had trouble finding the right clip for my dark chocolate brown hair, my whole life actually, this has been an issue. When I do find the right one, I treasure it like gold because I like being able to pull my hair back out of my face. This is why I want to share Lilla Rose with you! My dear sister in Christ, Sarah contacted me a while back about doing a review, I was a little skeptical as I have had trouble finding the right clip for my voluminous head of straight brown hair. Sarah said, "watch the video and measure your hair", I was still a little skeptical but it worked! I received my beautiful clip in the mail, while it looked fragile because of its beauty, it was super tough (it survived my toddler's little inquisitive hands) and it fit perfectly - I had found my new little treasure for my hair. Now as a mommy, home educator, hair in my face would also not work - Mrs. Cento was so right! :D

I'm excited to extend this little treasure to one Raising Little Saints friend. Sarah is generous enough to offer me the opportunity to run a giveaway here so that one of you can try a clip of your choice! YAY Sarah! (Sarah is also a Catholic Homeschooling Mommy, btw).

Don't want to wait for the Rafflecopter (see below) to end in two weeks? I don't blame you, here's where you can go to order yours today! The St. Patrick Day's one is adorable!

Here are the details on how to reach my friend Sarah and order your clip today:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for entering, best wishes!


Disclosure:  I was given one free Flexi clip from Lilla Rose for free in return of my honest review.  :D

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