Thursday, March 22, 2012

The “Real” War against Girls and Women

By: German Munoz, Ph.D.

The War against the Catholic Church
American President Barack Hussein Obama has attacked the religious freedom clause of the Constitution of the United States and is trying to make the Catholic Church submissive to the State.

Why? The Church rejects the government mandate to include sterilization services, and the birth control pill, including those which induce abortion, in the insurance policies for some Catholic institutions. She considers these products as sinful.

These matters were discussed in the article “Religious Freedom, the Pill, and the Womb: Sacred Space, Sacred Place”, which is found at

Now, groups of “Obamamites” and others are accusing the Church with unleashing a war against women. The reason might be that they need to change the topic away from the attack of the President against religious freedom.

Ironically, this accusation against the Church is coming from groups which have been supportive of the murder of 25 million unborn baby girls in the United States through the crime of abortion, as well as the millions of baby girls victims of “the one-child” policy in China. These aborted unborn babies were denied the chance of womanhood.

Meanwhile, the Church has opposed both policies. Which side is in favor of women?

The War against Girls and Women
There is a war against girls and women, but this action is not coming from the Catholic Church, but from the materialist elite who are promoting the following:
  • Depriving girls of loving parents by the easy practice of no-fault divorce, which breaks up the family unit and wrecks the emotional stability of children so that adults can pursue their individual agendas.
  • Approving and even encouraging dating at a very early age which leads to loveless and uncommitted sex before marriage and which most often leave the girls feeling used and dirty.
  • Encouraging promiscuous behavior which gradually teaches girls not to love but to use the males as they have been used by them.
  • Exposing young girls to the sexual abuse by their unmarried mothers’ partners.
  • Creating idols or models in the movies and in the record industry who behave in sexually deprived ways, which are violent against women.
  • Censoring in our schools social science research which shows that the best sex is between married and faithful men and women.
  • Providing young girls with contraceptive pills which increase promiscuity, psychological and physical abuse by boys and men, unexpected pregnancies outside marriage, and certain venereal diseases.
  • Presenting girls and women with the option of IUDs (intrauterine devices) which can damage the walls of the uterus, create infections, and prevent natural conception.

There is more,
  • Encouraging abortions which torture and destroy the life of a human being, as well as creating in the mother such problems as depression, breast cancer, and death.
  • Advertising products by associating them to sensual females, thus treating women as pure commercial objects.
  • Inserting sex education classes in our elementary and secondary schools where a great number of teachers will promote all types of promiscuous and unloving sexual behavior.
  • Teaching girls to hate males.
  • Promoting pornography among boys and men (and also among females), thus creating men who cannot understand real women, who abuse them verbally, physically and sexually, and are unable to maintain a loving relationship.
  • Denying in schools an awareness of God, who alone can satisfy the ultimate needs of everyone, and who can support girls and women in difficult times.

Results of the War
The so-called “progressives” think that a society where girls and women are taught that they should be free to think, to say, and to do whatever they want should lead to great happiness for them. And yet, this is not what we find upon reading the research on the topic. Instead, what we find in our modern culture is shocking:
  • Less confidence and self-esteem among girls.
  • Less self-respect and strength in dealing with the aggressiveness of boys and men.
  • More willingness to use boys and men as the females react to the lust and narcissism of the males, thus creating a cycle of selfishness which leads them often to unhappy isolation.
  • More female teenage suicide.
  • More use of drugs.
  • Less educational achievements.
  • More fatherless children.
  • More children dependent on the state.
  • Rise of the authoritarian state which becomes “Father”
  • More divorces.
  • More poverty as children have either one parent or none.
  • More promiscuity.
The abuse of women was illustrated when a former President of the United States inserted a cigar into the vagina of a student intern working in the White House. There was no sense of self-respect or of love, neither on the part of the 18-year-old nor of the President. They were there to lustfully use each other. Ironically, so-called “women’s rights” groups were not very active in criticizing the President.

This behavior is in contrast to the life of Saint Maria Goretti, a twelve-year-old who was knifed seventeen times and was murdered for refusing the sexual assault of a teenager. For this reason, the Catholic Church calls her the Patroness Saint of Purity. She believed that her body was a temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Church, no matter the errors of Her children, is a protector of women. She knows that women have been given the gift of cooperating with God and with their husbands in the creation of human life.

Therefore, a major role of the Church is to protect the dignity and purity of women, for without her it is impossible to have and maintain families and raise our future priests. For this reason, She teaches:
  • The innocence of children regarding sexual matters.
  • The modesty in the clothing of our teenagers.
  • The delay of the dating process until maturity.
  • The sexual abstinence until marriage.
  • The use of natural family planning, which works together with the genius of the body and saves women from toxic products, such as the “pill”.
  • The commitment of marriage “’til death do us apart”.
  • The rejection of abortion which kills a human being, dehumanizes the mother, and could have ties to breast cancer.
On the other hand, the “Obamamites” stress the right of the woman to do whatever she wants in the area of human sexuality. Some are able to lead decent lives. However, a significant number end up isolated, frustrated and unhappy, for they have not learned to love others, to treat their bodies as a gift from God, to “be fruitful and multiply”, and to protect their offspring by teaching them self-respect and a loving morality.

In conclusion, while Catholics are not perfect for the Church has sinners, She also has saints, and is full of love for Her females. Her teachings are true and healthy for them.

***Reprinted with permission

Not that I feel that I need to add to this wonderful writing of Dr. Munoz, but just yesterday I posted this on my personal Facebook page:  Documentary on how pornographic culture affects upbringing of children and teenagers.  We should also pray to preserve the innocent and pray for those kids who have been exposed to this at such a young age.


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