Friday, May 11, 2012

Writing Activity to Create a Mother's Day Card

So these are the days when I do miss my kids being in school, I just love the little things they made for me at school.  So this gave me the idea of creating something here to use at our homeschool.  Of course, I wanted to share it!  :)  Here it is!  A writing activity to create a Mother's Day card.

Page1:  Use this as the cover page, have your child draw and color a picture of Mom.

Page 2:  Brainstorm words that describe mom.

Page 3:  Write a paragraph describing mom using the words from page 2.

Put them all together on a big construction paper folded like a card and voila!   Now to avoid you seeing this, if you want it to be a surprise of course, have your eldest child collect them and put them in an envelope or folder and hide it until Sunday!  :)

 I can't show you the ones my kids made yet, so this is roughly what it should look like:

Happy Mother's Day, dear friends!


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