Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who Needs Superheroes? - We Have Saints!

St. Thomas Aquinas by Benozzo Gonzzoli
I have to admit, Todd and I love superheroes (we love Sci-Fi) but maybe this is why we also love our beloved saints!  As Catholics, we have been blessed with a Communion of Saints to draw from as examples for our lives.  They have truly tried (and sometimes failed but gotten up again) to live like Christ in His image.  So really, who needs superheroes when we have saints?

I love learning about saints and teaching about them even more!  I've been personally selecting (or better yet, the Saint has selected me) a patron saint for the school year since 2004 (when I last began to teach at a Catholic School).  Since then, I've continued this tradition but also been changing it up a bit.  My beloved and I select the Patron Saint for our Family/Homeschool for the year together.  Then each of us select one for us individually.

One night before we started this school year, we prayed for the right one to select us for this new school year, 2011 - 2012.  I was so excited when we got St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church for our Family/Homeschool since my beloved and I love his writing so much (I'm so hooked on the Summa!)  So who exactly was St. Thomas Aquinas?  Rome Reports has a great little video explaining this amazing Saint:

St. Thomas was one of the greatest and most influential theologians of all time.  His feast day is January 28th and he is the patron saint of students and universities, perfect huh?

Then I found this great little prayer card...have to use this as our Homeschool daily opening prayer for the year {especially love the first line: "O Lord my God, help me to be obedient" - think it'll stick?  lol}:


Have you selected your Patron Saint for your Homeschool yet?  I'd love to help, if you leave me a comment either on my blog or Facebook I will say a little prayer for your school (leave your school name) and I will reply with your Patron Saint for the year!  How does that sound?


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