Sunday, August 21, 2011

Word for Word: The NEW Roman Missal

Life Teen has come out with great videos to explain the difference between the Missal we've used in the last 40 years with the new one coming out in November...I'm posting two of their videos, one for parents and the second for teens. They are great! Enjoy!

"Why are the words of the Catholic Mass changing? Fr. John Muir confronts the misconceptions about the changes with truth and clarity. Fr. John helps parents understand the recent history behind the newest 3rd Edition of the Roman Missal and how it grows from the 1st and 2nd editions. Fr. John compares the “dynamic equivalent” and the “formal equivalent” of how we translate words from Latin to English, and then explains the elaborate process used to create the new Roman Missal. Finally, Fr. John encourages us to rediscover the meaning behind the words and we use at Mass and how we can help our children through this transition."

For Parents:

Word for Word [Parents] from Life Teen on Vimeo.

For Teens:

Word for Word [Edge] from Life Teen on Vimeo.

I hope you liked them as much as we did!  Blessings!  :)

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