Thursday, March 22, 2012

The “Real” War against Girls and Women

By: German Munoz, Ph.D.

The War against the Catholic Church
American President Barack Hussein Obama has attacked the religious freedom clause of the Constitution of the United States and is trying to make the Catholic Church submissive to the State.

Why? The Church rejects the government mandate to include sterilization services, and the birth control pill, including those which induce abortion, in the insurance policies for some Catholic institutions. She considers these products as sinful.

These matters were discussed in the article “Religious Freedom, the Pill, and the Womb: Sacred Space, Sacred Place”, which is found at

Now, groups of “Obamamites” and others are accusing the Church with unleashing a war against women. The reason might be that they need to change the topic away from the attack of the President against religious freedom.

Ironically, this accusation against the Church is coming from groups which have been supportive of the murder of 25 million unborn baby girls in the United States through the crime of abortion, as well as the millions of baby girls victims of “the one-child” policy in China. These aborted unborn babies were denied the chance of womanhood.

Meanwhile, the Church has opposed both policies. Which side is in favor of women?

The War against Girls and Women
There is a war against girls and women, but this action is not coming from the Catholic Church, but from the materialist elite who are promoting the following:
  • Depriving girls of loving parents by the easy practice of no-fault divorce, which breaks up the family unit and wrecks the emotional stability of children so that adults can pursue their individual agendas.
  • Approving and even encouraging dating at a very early age which leads to loveless and uncommitted sex before marriage and which most often leave the girls feeling used and dirty.
  • Encouraging promiscuous behavior which gradually teaches girls not to love but to use the males as they have been used by them.
  • Exposing young girls to the sexual abuse by their unmarried mothers’ partners.
  • Creating idols or models in the movies and in the record industry who behave in sexually deprived ways, which are violent against women.
  • Censoring in our schools social science research which shows that the best sex is between married and faithful men and women.
  • Providing young girls with contraceptive pills which increase promiscuity, psychological and physical abuse by boys and men, unexpected pregnancies outside marriage, and certain venereal diseases.
  • Presenting girls and women with the option of IUDs (intrauterine devices) which can damage the walls of the uterus, create infections, and prevent natural conception.

There is more,
  • Encouraging abortions which torture and destroy the life of a human being, as well as creating in the mother such problems as depression, breast cancer, and death.
  • Advertising products by associating them to sensual females, thus treating women as pure commercial objects.
  • Inserting sex education classes in our elementary and secondary schools where a great number of teachers will promote all types of promiscuous and unloving sexual behavior.
  • Teaching girls to hate males.
  • Promoting pornography among boys and men (and also among females), thus creating men who cannot understand real women, who abuse them verbally, physically and sexually, and are unable to maintain a loving relationship.
  • Denying in schools an awareness of God, who alone can satisfy the ultimate needs of everyone, and who can support girls and women in difficult times.

Results of the War
The so-called “progressives” think that a society where girls and women are taught that they should be free to think, to say, and to do whatever they want should lead to great happiness for them. And yet, this is not what we find upon reading the research on the topic. Instead, what we find in our modern culture is shocking:
  • Less confidence and self-esteem among girls.
  • Less self-respect and strength in dealing with the aggressiveness of boys and men.
  • More willingness to use boys and men as the females react to the lust and narcissism of the males, thus creating a cycle of selfishness which leads them often to unhappy isolation.
  • More female teenage suicide.
  • More use of drugs.
  • Less educational achievements.
  • More fatherless children.
  • More children dependent on the state.
  • Rise of the authoritarian state which becomes “Father”
  • More divorces.
  • More poverty as children have either one parent or none.
  • More promiscuity.
The abuse of women was illustrated when a former President of the United States inserted a cigar into the vagina of a student intern working in the White House. There was no sense of self-respect or of love, neither on the part of the 18-year-old nor of the President. They were there to lustfully use each other. Ironically, so-called “women’s rights” groups were not very active in criticizing the President.

This behavior is in contrast to the life of Saint Maria Goretti, a twelve-year-old who was knifed seventeen times and was murdered for refusing the sexual assault of a teenager. For this reason, the Catholic Church calls her the Patroness Saint of Purity. She believed that her body was a temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Church, no matter the errors of Her children, is a protector of women. She knows that women have been given the gift of cooperating with God and with their husbands in the creation of human life.

Therefore, a major role of the Church is to protect the dignity and purity of women, for without her it is impossible to have and maintain families and raise our future priests. For this reason, She teaches:
  • The innocence of children regarding sexual matters.
  • The modesty in the clothing of our teenagers.
  • The delay of the dating process until maturity.
  • The sexual abstinence until marriage.
  • The use of natural family planning, which works together with the genius of the body and saves women from toxic products, such as the “pill”.
  • The commitment of marriage “’til death do us apart”.
  • The rejection of abortion which kills a human being, dehumanizes the mother, and could have ties to breast cancer.
On the other hand, the “Obamamites” stress the right of the woman to do whatever she wants in the area of human sexuality. Some are able to lead decent lives. However, a significant number end up isolated, frustrated and unhappy, for they have not learned to love others, to treat their bodies as a gift from God, to “be fruitful and multiply”, and to protect their offspring by teaching them self-respect and a loving morality.

In conclusion, while Catholics are not perfect for the Church has sinners, She also has saints, and is full of love for Her females. Her teachings are true and healthy for them.

***Reprinted with permission

Not that I feel that I need to add to this wonderful writing of Dr. Munoz, but just yesterday I posted this on my personal Facebook page:  Documentary on how pornographic culture affects upbringing of children and teenagers.  We should also pray to preserve the innocent and pray for those kids who have been exposed to this at such a young age.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Catholics Under Attack

I am not a big fan of Glenn Beck but I agree with every word he says in this video.  He's a Baptised Catholic, if you didn't know he was a Mormon (via marriage) when you watch this video you would think he was going back to his Faith!  Pray for him as we do....amazing video, Glenn, thank you for your words!


Saint Joseph - Happy Feast Day!

A gift for you my friends, one of my most favorite prayers and painting of St. Joseph!  Happy Feast day!

If you are struggling financially or without a job for you or your husband, please see my post A Simple Recipe for Spiritual Happiness and amazing Novena to St. Joseph, you can start it today!  :)

If you want to download a better version, please do so on Facebook.

Here are all the fun things we did this morning to remember our beloved Saint Joseph!

  1. Read the St. Joseph Poem/Rhyme from our  Once Upon A Time Saints Series
  2. Saint Joseph Lapbook by ThankEvann
  3. Saint Joseph, the worker, coloring page by the Paper Doll Dali
  4. Saint Joseph Cards by Shower of Roses (I played several games with this one, matching in a variety of forms, etc.)
  5. Lastly, we watched a video that my friend Allison posted on her lovely blog, Totus Tuus on St. Joseph: The Man Closest to Christ
  6. Tonight, when Dada gets home, we will watched  Close to Jesus: Joseph of Nazareth on Netflix as a family!

Hope this helps you celebrate this wonderful feast day!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lilla Rose Hair Product Line Giveaway {ends 3/28/12}

When I think of hair clips or pulling your hair back, I think of my second grade year of school. Second grade is a year I will always remember, besides being the year I received First Holy Communion, it was the year just after my father passed away and the year the Lord blessed me with the gift of Mrs. Mary Cento, my teacher at Loyola School in Florida. Mrs. Cento had beautiful skin and long blonde hair, to me she looked like an angel, and that year it was she who gave me so much needed love after loosing the love of my life, my Daddy. Mrs. Cento loved me, but she never liked seeing my long straight hair in my face. She would use what she had in a classroom, rubber bands, to remove my hair from blocking my view of my school work. Although a simple act, I always loved her for caring for me so much that year. I'm not sure if I didn't wear my hair back because we didn't have the money to buy something or if it was because my mom put something in my hair before leaving the house and I purposely wanted the beautiful angelic teacher of mine, to love me more that morning by taking care of me or what? But I never had my hair out of the way! Isn't it strange the little things that we remember as kids? Years later I was able to reconnect with the beautiful woman at a Catholic School Teacher Conference, now as peers. She remembered me as much as I remembered her! She really did love me! :D

This is similar to the beautiful clip
I received for my honest review.
Isn't it beautiful? 
Honestly, I have always had trouble finding the right clip for my dark chocolate brown hair, my whole life actually, this has been an issue. When I do find the right one, I treasure it like gold because I like being able to pull my hair back out of my face. This is why I want to share Lilla Rose with you! My dear sister in Christ, Sarah contacted me a while back about doing a review, I was a little skeptical as I have had trouble finding the right clip for my voluminous head of straight brown hair. Sarah said, "watch the video and measure your hair", I was still a little skeptical but it worked! I received my beautiful clip in the mail, while it looked fragile because of its beauty, it was super tough (it survived my toddler's little inquisitive hands) and it fit perfectly - I had found my new little treasure for my hair. Now as a mommy, home educator, hair in my face would also not work - Mrs. Cento was so right! :D

I'm excited to extend this little treasure to one Raising Little Saints friend. Sarah is generous enough to offer me the opportunity to run a giveaway here so that one of you can try a clip of your choice! YAY Sarah! (Sarah is also a Catholic Homeschooling Mommy, btw).

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Disclosure:  I was given one free Flexi clip from Lilla Rose for free in return of my honest review.  :D

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sacred Space, Sacred Place: Religious Freedom, the Pill and the Womb

A Guest Post 
By: German Munoz, Ph.D.
March 13, 2012

Obamacare and Religious Freedom
American President Barack Hussein Obama wants to implant a socialist state in America which will control the entire society.  This is not a secret to those who do not rely on the Obama media.  However, he faces several obstacles.

One is the Constitution of the United States which is intrinsically anti-socialist.  Another obstacle is a Catholic Church strengthened with faithful American bishops in communion with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

Interestingly, the President attacked both obstacles on February 2012 by undermining the religious freedom protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, and by trying to undermine the authority of the bishops by mandating some Catholic institutions to offer in their insurance policies sterilization services and birth control pills, including those which induce abortion.

Naturally, these are services which the Church considers sinful.  As a result, the Catholic Church will take this matter to the courts to prove that Obamacare and the Department of Health and Human Services are in violation of the religious freedom and freedom of conscience protected by the Constitution.

The Government’s Position and a Response
Obama supporters respond by arguing that many Catholics use birth control pills and that some “Catholic” organizations back the President.  They argue that this issue is not a constitutional one, but simply an effort to give women access to birth control.

This response by government supporters leads to some counter-arguments and reflections:
·         This is a constitutional matter because the Church is being coerced by the government to sell products or to participate in activities it considers sinful, and contrary to Her teachings, and this is a violation of the First Amendment.

·         The fact that some Catholics use birth control pills is totally meaningless as an argument on behalf of artificial birth control because they are not the head of the Church. The truth is that the head of the Church is Christ and the bishops must look to Him and not to the people to make faithful decisions.

·         Many so-called “Catholic” groups supporting Obama are not Catholic at all, for they are not under the authority of the bishops and are not following Catholic teachings, and some are financed by anti-Catholic billionaires.

·         Which constitutional principle gives the President the right to force an insurance company to give “free” birth control pills to its policyholders?

·         Why should some insurance policyholders pay for the products involved in the sexual acts of other insured people?

·         Will the order by the government to give free pills be compensated by the insurance companies with higher premiums for other more important medical items, or with dropping them from their policies?

·         Over 80 per cent of women already get birth control pills through their insurance policies and in America there are many ways to get inexpensive or even free pills, so why is Obama picking on the Catholic Church to provide these products?

·         Will the government next force the Catholic Church to pay for abortions?
The Sacred and the Veil
The truth is that the Catholic Church’s teachings on life exist in a totally different moral universe compared to the socialist agenda of the government.  The Obama world is alien to any sense of the sacred.

And yet, man, made in the image and likeness of God, must abide by a moral order to live as he ought.  In this moral order he will come in touch with the sacred and respect it.

For instance, when the ancient people of Israel carried the Ark of the Covenant, they covered it with a veil for it was considered sacred.  The same applies to that part of the Jewish Temple considered most sacred, and which was covered by a veil.

Also, the Tabernacle in the Catholic sanctuary, where the body of Christ resides, has a veil at its entrance to respect the sacred.

The Veil before the Womb: Sacred Space, Sacred Place
Not surprisingly, girls are also created with a veil covering and protecting their private parts. This is not because girls and women are sacred.  After all, only God is intrinsically sacred.  It is because in the womb, God, men and women collaborate in the creation of human beings, who have a soul.  This makes the womb a sacred place and a sacred space.

This veil is at the entrance of the vagina which leads to the uterus. It is called the hymen.  It is not there by accident. The veil is a sign that there is something important, something sacred that takes place in the womb. Therefore, it is not there to be ravished or abused with hormones, chemicals and other toxic elements in a birth control pill and in other anti-life devices implanted in this sacred place and sacred space.    

The Church’s Teachings on Female Purity
The Church understands that today She is competing against the “religion of the self”, which tells people that they have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies and souls. 

On the other hand, the Church teaches that we are created by a loving God who has revealed to us the proper way to live and that we have to surrender to Him and to His teachings to find joy. 

The Church recommends the following:
  • Maintaining virginity, that is, the physical and spiritual veil until marriage, though She understands that those who have unwisely lost their virginity before marriage can restore a spiritual virginity by remaining in abstinence until their marriage.

  • Having sex within marriage so if the woman becomes pregnant there is a family unit to raise and love the child, for over 40 per cent of our children do not have a family.

  • Encouraging those living together unmarried but committed to each other in a loving way to marry as soon as possible.

  • Opening the marriage to life.

  • Preserving the life of the unborn.

  • Using natural family planning if there is a need to prevent conception.

  • Preserving marriage so that women and their children do not go from partner to partner, a behavior which hurts the mother and the children.
The Church’s main concern is maintaining the purity of the girls, their happiness within their marriage, and their desire for children.  However, the Church will not force people to follow Her rules.  The Church opens the door to those who want to leave Her, but has always Her doors open to those who want to return to Her.

Natural Family Planning
Fortunately, Catholics who want to control their procreation can rely on many methods which go under the name of “natural family planning”. They have up to 98 per cent success rate in avoiding pregnancy.

Natural family planning does not require paying large sums of money to the “pharmaceutical industrial complex” and it does not lead to many medical problems associated with the pill, such as strokes.

Unfortunately, the cultural elites do not want our girls to know about natural alternatives to artificial birth control. Amazingly, only one per cent of those using natural family planning end up in divorce.

The Church has awakened to see a power-hungry, ideologically driven and truth-challenged President trying to undermine Her.  In addition, many of Her members do not practice Her teachings.  This is a time for prayer, penance, courage and love for Catholics so they are able to defend both the Church and the Republic.


I love everything that my dear friend and brother in Christ Dr. Munoz writes but this piece has got to be my favorite of all his writing.  God bless you, German!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Invitation to Review K5 Learning

K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students. I've been given a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their program.

If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.


K5 Learning ( is an online reading and math program for kids from kindergarten through grade 5. Our intent is to help kids build reading, math and study skills through independent study. K5 is designed for home use and can be used for after-school, weekend and summertime supplemental study or in conjunction with a homeschooling program.

How it Works
Kids complete an online assessment of 8 key reading and math skills, and then work independently at their own pace through over 3,000 online lessons and activities. The lessons are animated, interactive and simple enough that a 4-5 year old can use them independently. We automatically choose lessons for students (based on their assessment and past lessons), track student progress and provide reports for parents.

Benefits for Kids
K5 helps kids learn essential reading and math skills, develop good study habits, and fulfill their academic potential.

Benefits for Parents
K5 makes life easier for parents by allowing for effective, independent study by kids. Simplified interfaces, automatic lesson selection, student tracking and reporting all contribute to minimize the amount of daily supervision required.

Review coming soon!