Sunday, October 7, 2012

Welcoming Autumn and Loving Life

I hadn't realized this but, October is really a busy month!
The trees are busy changing colors and dropping leaves.
The weather is busy getting cooler is some parts of the world.
People are starting to decorate their homes with Mums in warm colors like orange, reds, yellows and browns.
It's the Month dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary.
Also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
{just, think before you pink as Komen supports Planned Parenthood who is pro-abortion}

It is also ProLife Month.

Found this image on

Our family loves the Autumn season!  Sweaters come out and it's (like my seven year old calls it): "Hot chocolate season!"  The awesome scent of soups and baked bread fills the house.  The air gets crisp and the smell of burning wood fills the air from running fireplaces.  It's my favorite season!  I also love decorating the front of the house with Fall items like potted Mums and big, fat, orange pumpkins!  My kids and I also watch for the return of many little creatures big and small that resurface after being super busy all summer with their little ones, teaching them how to fly, hunt, gather - we love nature.  

We noticed that the Robins are back for a visit.

At our home we normally do not carve pumpkins nor decorate with witches and ghosts; it just doesn't match the rest of our beliefs and what we work so hard to teach the kids but instead like to focus on the beauty that God has given us, nature and what matters the most, LIFE!  October is ProLife Month and I wanted to share that with the world (okay maybe not the world but my neighbors will be enough), so I was reconsidering the whole pumpkin carving idea.  I have secretly loved these and have been collecting these pictures for the past three years (my apologies for those artists that created them as I didn't keep track of where I found them since I never thought it'd blog about it.)  I totally love the the idea of incorporating the Fall pumpkins and the Pro-Life message!  So here are some that I have found and plan on possibly trying out this year for a first time.  I have created templates for all of them except the middle one.  Click here for the Prolife Pumpkin Templates.  Enjoy!:

Baby in the womb with a heart.

A mother with her baby.
(or as my 4 year old said, "Mary with baby Jesus")

"Occupy the Womb" with a baby sucking his thumb.

This is one of my favorite ones.  Baby in the womb.

Holding a new born baby.

Many blessings from our family to yours this Fall season!

Click here for the Prolife Pumpkin Templates.

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