Saturday, March 15, 2014

Come Holy Ghost, Enlighten My Mind {Printable}

I have the privilege of teaching CCD to a group of ALL boys this year.  As we get closer to First Penance, Father wanted me to teach them this special prayer he loves.  It is a prayer to help them as they examine their conscience and it goes like this:
"Come Holy Ghost , enlighten my mind, strengthen my will, that I may know my sins, be truly sorry for them, and humbly confess them."

Isn't it just beautiful? So the printable I created has five pages, here are the instructions for all five of them {though they are pretty obvious}.  What I did was print the first page as a cover page and the additional four front and back to save on paper, then I stapled them on the left hand side like a little book:

1. Cover Page, to color.
2. Page 1, to trace the prayer and color.
3. Page 2, to color and practice the prayer.
4. Page 3, to color in the picture and also the bubble letters.
5. Page 4, to practice the prayer and also copy it on the lines.

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