Sunday, August 30, 2009

Embracing Motherhood

Can't take credit for the title of this post as it is borrowed from a blog we featured two weeks ago with this title! (to visit this blog, click on the image above). Motherhood, it has changed my life! I became a mommy over 12 years ago when I took a home pregnancy test and found out that in my womb a tiny baby was growing and developing! My whole world changed! My plans for my future changed as well! I've been blessed with this experience several times since this first event. The outcome, four little angels on Earth, two little ones in heaven! Looking forward to more children is exciting! I love the look on my DH's face when I give him the news, the children as well! The one I always worry about is my eldest who will be 12 next February. I've always been careful about preparing him for the next baby especially because he is seven, eight, and ten years older than his siblings.

To my surprise, last Sunday right before going up for Communion, he leans over and whispers, "Mami, I want you to have another baby!". I was shocked, mainly because I wasn't expecting this plus our youngest is only 13 months old. As I looked around us, I noticed there was a new born baby in sight and this must have triggered this thought in his sweet mind! Although, our youngest is only 13 months old when compared to the new born he looks old, lol! So I asked him, after Mass, "where did that come from?" and "our little one is still a baby". His answer, "it's not the same, he's walking, talking-some, expressing himself and showing his personality! While new babies are so quiet and sweet and yummy to hold and have an amazing smell!" I wanted to cry from the excitement! He loves babies and misses the joy of a new one. In thinking about this, he has prayed and hoped for all of his siblings. I remember him wanting one since he was very small, and every time he prayed, BINGO! God does hear prayers of our children! While I'm not here to announce that we are expecting, just yet...I wanted to share this sweet moment I had with my son. LOL!

With this in mind, I want to remind you that we are wrapping things up for this month's topic on the Domestic Church. Tomorrow is the last day to enter your chance to win one of Donna-Marie Cooper O'Doyle's books, Grace Cafe and Domestic Church: Room by Room.

Last Chance!
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A Catholic wife and mother of five, author, journalist, speaker, reviewer, catechist, Lay Missionary of Charity (Mother Teresa's Order) and lover of nature. Widely published and deeply experienced in both family life and religious life, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle counted Blessed Teresa of Calcutta among her personal friends. She maintains numerous Web sites and has founded several Catholic apostolates and ministries. For more information on this wonderful Catholic author, please visit here. For a daily dose of inspiration, visit Donna's blog at

For a review of the Domestic Church book, check out this Catholic Blogging Homeschooling Mama's site.


  1. Please email me and let me know where to ship your book!
    God bless!


  2. My children, and I, are aching for a new little one! My daughter, age seven, makes it very obvious by praying for a baby sister each night. My son, however, is four and not as vocal about a sibling. But, I was caring for a friend's baby, just yesterday, getting him dressed, and my son came in and did "this little piggy" on his toes! It was SO precious, I about cried! I do not recall another time I have seen him play with a baby. Isn't it precious? :)

    Anyway, I am enjoying Room by Room and would love Donna-Marie's other book, so please enter my name!

    And, I already subscribe to your feed on Google Reader if that counts for a second entry.

  3. Antonina31...we will keep you in our prayers for another beautiful baby to hold! :) How cute that your four year old started playing "this little piggy!" My four year old is infatuated with our 13 month's super cute!

    I entered your name for Grace Cafe, and yes this gives you a second entry! :) Winners announced tomorrow! GBY!