Saturday, August 29, 2009

Politics: Just not my cup of tea!

The political one in my family is my DH, by far. I'm just not political at all! I find it all so redundant! I don't know if it has anything to do with my childhood? My father was in the military in another country, and was killed in a war (more like tortured and then killed). Maybe, this is why I don't care much about politics. I don't trust politicians, I'm not Republican, nor Democrat...mainly because I don't agree with either party's ideology.

There are some hot buttons regarding politics that irk me. For example, this whole thing about punishing our people for protecting our country. First there was the border patrols out in Texas, I believe. They were imprisoned for protecting our border. Now this whole situation in Guantanamo and the "rights" of terrorists! I find this ludicrous! Since when do we punish those who protect our nation? What stirred this post? The following political cartoon by Michael Ramirez:
Our world, our American nation has been turned upside down! In politics, ethics, morals, etc.! Why? We forget that when one person's right begin, this is when someone else's ends. In this thirst for equality we have lost perspective as to what is morally and ethically correct. It is a sad state for our nation and we MUST ALL unite and pray for our leaders (we need miracles) and our nation as a whole!

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