Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome New RLS Blogger....Kristy!

I am very excited to share that we are ready to submit the first post by our newest Raising Little Saints (RLS) blogger, Kristy. I've asked her to give our readers a little background, so without further adieu, meet Catholic Blogging Mama Kristy:

    I am Kristy, a stay-at-home Catholic mom of five wonderful blessings. Before I became a stay-at-home mom I was an artisan bread baker and still love making breads/cakes/cookies for family and friends. My other big hobby is genealogy research, I love researching my family tree and helping others research theirs.

    I was raised marginally Lutheran in Connecticut by parents who had been cradle Catholics. In 1994, I met my future husband, Carl, a cradle Catholic, at college. We weren't very regular churchgoers at first but eventually after the birth of our first daughter in 1999 we found our way back. We had our marriage convalidated and I went through RCIA and was received into the Catholic Church at Easter 2004! We really enjoy doing special activities throughout the Liturgical year and sharing the richness of the Catholic faith with our children and I look forward to being able to do even more once I have the freedom that homeschooling will allow.

    I had thought about homeschooling in the past but it wasn't until God showed me that it was possible in the form of a chance park encounter that I seriously considered it. Last summer, as the kids played at an area park I struck up a conversation with Erika and to my delight discovered that she was a fellow Catholic (rare in these parts!), had five children (even rarer!), and that she homeschooled them. We hit it off right away, almost like we had always been close friends. It was suddenly like a light went on and I thought here is this sweet, faithful woman of five who can do this and still remain happy and sane, maybe I can too?

    So I started researching it and talking to other homeschoolers and now I feel confident that it is the right path for our family. I am sure that it will not be without its setbacks but I am confident that God will give me the grace I need to be successful. I look forward to embarking on the adventure this fall and sharing its trials and triumphs. Please keep our family in your prayers as we begin our homeschooling journey!
Friends, please leave a comment here, welcoming Kristy to our Raising Little Saints family! Oh, what Kristy didn't mention to you is that if you saw her Facebook pages/pictures, you'd never know that she hasn't begun home educating...they are richly-filled with tons of Liturgical activities and she has become part of the RLS family to share these with us! Isn't that exciting? :)

If you are interested in becoming part of the RLS contributor, please e-mail me
raisinglittlesaints {at} gmail {dot} com. You do not need to have a blog of your own to be a contributor...and you do not need to have blogging experience either just homeschooling experience and live a Catholic life - these are our only requirements. =) If you blog already and would like to submit posts to share with RLS readers, we can do that as well and link back to your blog (and as my DH-a Web Marketing Expert-reminds me often bring more traffic to your blog.) You help us, we help you! ;)

God bless you all and Happy Feast of the Baptism of the Lord!

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