Monday, January 10, 2011

Feast of the Baptism = New Family Tradition

Happy Feast of the Baptism of the Lord!
I know, he was baptized as an adult not a child but isn't that picture just lovely? LOL!
So this year we are starting a new family tradition where we will celebrate BapDay for all the kiddies...when were you baptized? I was baptized December a year old!
This is me with my beautiful godmother at my first birthday (sorry no baptism pictures most of my albums stayed behind in Nicaragua).

Here are pictures of some (I thought I had all of them on this laptop, I will update with all five photos later on) of my lovely blessings at their baptisms:

DS#1: Pre-digital cameras in our home...must scan ;)

DS#2: with his godparents and the new gown we got to start a tradition with him.
DS#3: with Father Kowalski

DS#4: with his godmother just a couple of weeks ago!
DD#1: With her godmother, Father Fishwick, and her big brother the altar boy.
So what does BapDay entail? For us we will do the following:
  1. We will add their printed Baptism picture to our Family Altar.
  2. We will place their Baptism candle in a holder like this one (any holder for taper candles will do, I'm certain I've seen them at the Dollar Store) and then light the candle.
  3. Say this lovely little prayer:

    Baptism Anniversary

    Remember this, [Your Child's Name].
    You have been washed
    In the saving waters of baptism
    And anointed with holy oil.
    Place on your head and in your heart
    The sign of the cross of salvation.

    Loving God,
    You created all the people of the world,
    And you know each of us by name.
    We thank you for N.,
    Who celebrates the anniversary of her baptism.
    Bless her with your love and friendship
    That she may grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace.
    May she love her family always
    And be ever faithful to her friends.

    Grant this through Christ our Lord.
    R. Amen

    Place hands on head or shoulders of one being blessed.

    May God, in whose presence our ancestors walked, bless you.
    R. Amen.
    May God, who has been your shepherd from birth until now, keep you.
    R. Amen.
    May God, who saves you from all harm, give you peace.
    R. Amen.

    I also found this document containing tons of prayers for everyone that was involved in the Baptism.
  4. Get a Baptism Anniversary card (or make one).
  5. And what's an anniversary without a delicious dessert? So the child's favorite dessert is what we will do, if the child is old enough to help make it, it will be their special time with mommy or daddy making it!
I would love to do this with my godchildren as well, at least the mailable parts as all of my kiddies live in Florida!

Want more ideas? I found this lovely list that you might want to take a look at and pick what fits your Domestic Church best.

Can you name all the dates of your kids baptism? That's my goal to be able to rattle them off just like their birth!


  1. Dear Erika,
    we have always tried to clebrate the Baptism Anniversaries of our children as well as the Confirmation Days as well.
    We simply light the Baptism candle, have a simple cake (often bought) and sing to the tune of Happy Birthday to You, these words.
    May God Bless you this Day,
    May God Bless you we Pray,
    Live for Jesus dear .......
    May you serve him always.
    Hip Horray etc .
    I cannot rattle off the Baptism Days, which is probably whya I forget some of them if I don't check my calender regularly.

  2. We used the prayer you included above in celebrating my daughter's first Baptismal Anniversary today (and linked to you in my blog post). Thanks for the ideas!