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Saint Parade 2010, What's in Store for All Saints this Year?

Last year was the first year we got to participate in a group All Saints celebration and picking the saints for each child was easy:

St. Joseph:
St. Joseph

  • 1 Cotton King size Pillowcase (white)
  • 1 dark scarf
  • 1 pin
  • 1 walking stick (from outside)
  • 1 set of fake Lilies
  • long sleeves shirt
  • dark pants or jeans

Directions:  This was one of the easiest to make.  I bought a King-size pillowcase, made two wholes big enough for his arms and one for his head (I undid the stitching for this and then reinforced it on each end to make sure it didn't come undone.  Then I grabbed a dark colored scarf, put it over his shoulder and pinned it around his waist line.  I took a piece of white rope (like the ones for a clothing line) and tied it to his waist to give the costume some form.  Went to Dollar Store and bought a set of fake Lilies and hot glued them to a stick we got from outside, make sure you measure it and that it is your son's size before you glue the flowers. I had my son wear a long sleeved gray shirt and a pair of jeans.  :)

St. Therese of the Child Jesus
St. Therese:
I would love to tell you how this was made but I didn't make it, a friend of mine did and she passed it along to our little one, isn't it beautiful?  I found a website with some suggestions/directions for a nun costume: 

"Buy black material, cut a hole at the top for the neck or use a man's black T-shirt. Where a white turtleneck underneath, use a square of black material over the head as a veil, and wear a crucifix or cross."

She is holding a print out of a Crucifix glued on to foam paper and then it was glued on to some fake roses.  She wore brown boots.  :)

St. Noah:
St. Noah (and yep that is his ark)

  • 1 Queen size pillowcase (burgundy red)
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 pin
  • 1small laundry basket
  • 3 sets of small (beanie-like) animals
  • long sleeves shirt
  • dark pants or jeans
  • contact paper to line the inside of drawers in wood pattern/color
  • an Exacto knife
Directions:  The directions for his "gown" is the same as St. Joseph's.  So I'll tell you about the "Ark".  I pre-cut six holes for the little animals to fit their heads out through.  Then I cut the bottom of the basket out completely.  I lined it with the contact paper (the ones to line the drawers.  Then I hot glued construction paper cut in "waves" to the bottom of the Ark.  Stuck the animals little heads out of the holes I had pre-cut and voila! Noah's Ark!

Here are more pictures of the kids:

St. Therese and St. Noah waiting patiently for the parade to begin.

St. Joseph and St. Therese doing a craft at Co-Op after the parade.

This year I have to add two more the youngest and the oldest and three other new ones....I don't have a clue yet, so I guess I'll have to do another post with the ones we came up with.  

What are your kids dressing up for All Saints Day?


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