Friday, November 25, 2011

Celebrating the Liturgical Year with Children: Advent (FREEBIE)

Happy New Liturgical Year, my Catholic Friends!

I love that our new Liturgical Year is only days away.  My family is very excited to start using the new Missal.  We love collecting old Catholic books and have tons of Missals from the past, the new one closely resembles the 1965 one we own (which is post-Vatican II, btw).  We love the new and rich language and since we love Latin as well, the new translation is going to bring so much to the beautiful Mass!  As we prepare to use the new Missal, lets not loose focus on the newness of it and continue to focus on what counts, being prepared for the birth of our Savior, or Baby Jesus as my children love to refer to Him during this time of preparation.

I've created another set of activities for my kids and making them available to you for FREE, of course. These are fun activities the teach our children what the true meaning of Advent and Christmas really is. By observing Advent you are preparing your children for the birth of Jesus Christ. We will be using these activities throughout Advent in addition to making ornaments for our Jesse tree and making a new Advent wreath.  I've attached a link to the two wreaths I'm favoring this year.

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Advent Activities for Kids

Looking for some neat Advent wreaths to make at home?  Here are two of my favorites:

(Grand)Mama Birgid over at Catholic Sistas, made this easy to make and super toddler safe (just watch the candles ladies) Advent wreath:
ADVENTuresome Family Fun

My new friend, Mama Lindsey over at Happier Than a Bird Quilts, made this beautiful Advent Wreath out of felt, she created an easy tutorial.  Hope on over to her lovely blog and tell her how clever she is!  :)

Advent Wreath Tutorial

REMINDER: Since the New Missal this year will coincide with Advent, don't forget to visit Mama Lacy over at Catholic Icing and grab her new Mass Response book for kids!

Free to Download and Print!

Hope you like them and enjoy!


  1. This is wonderful and I will be using several of these. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed Advent!

  2. Love all these wonderful ideas! :)

  3. I love your blog.... Thank you for sharing! I cannot get the free worksheets to upload, I am doing something incorrect? Thank you again for everything!

  4. * Am I - sorry
    I got it to upload ... sorry ... and thank you ...
    I love your ideas! Thank you :)

  5. YAY, Ashleigh! :) Thanks for stopping by, and your kind words. I'm glad you got the files to load. Blessings during this beautiful Advent season...Baby Jesus in just one more week! Can you believe it?

  6. I cannot believe it! Time goes soooo fast! I put upload but maybe I meant download anyways lol. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and your family. Thank you again!

  7. Hi found this through pinterest! I'd love to print it, but it will only let me view it. Not save, print or download. Is it possible you could email it to me?
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