Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movies for Catholic Kids

You might have seen my previous post of my quest for great Catholic movies that our family could watch on Family Movie Nights, if you hadn't here it is. There is a fantastic list on there and thanks so much to all the readers who added to it! We have yet to finish watching all of the movies on that wonderful list. Some are hard to find others, just haven't gotten my hands on them yet.

Most recently, I've been looking for great cartoons that the kids could watch. Not sure if I've ever expressed how much I police what my kids watch, and maybe you share this zeal with me? I do this because there is so much junk out there to watch...labeled "for children" and they are just utterly gar-bage (insert the French accent here)!

In my quest for great cartoons, I remembered videos I had seen when working at Church as a teenager and googled, "Catholic Children's cartoons" (or something like that) to see if I could find those very same videos and I did! The company is CCC of America and they have added to their list of movies since I first showed them to my students at Faith Formation (formerly known as CCD). They now have 11 in their Saints & Heroes Series.

I then contacted CCC and ask them if they would like me to review their videos, and they said YES! I'm so excited because my little ones get to watch these GREAT movies about the saints and I get to share with you, my readers, how wonderful these movies are. In addition, the wonderful ladies at CCC of America have also offered some FREE goodies for you all! It's a win-win situation - don't you think? ;)

So in the next couple of weeks, I will be reviewing the three wonderful movies we got in the mail this morning (I was so excited!). The three we are starting off with are Nicholas-the Boy Who Became Santa (it was on EWTN on Monday - did you catch it?), Juan Diego Messenger of Guadalupe, and The Day the Sun Danced the True Story of Fatima. I will be doing three different reviews (and maybe ideas to go along with them since I'll be doing the research already for my little blessings - why not share some more with you all?) stay tuned!

I spoke with the wonderful ladies at CCC today and they have sent us a FREEBIE (I love freebies - thanks!). While you wait for my reviews of these excellent DVDs, you can take advantage of this great offer extended especially to Raising Little Saints readers, place an order for any of the DVDs on their website and get FREE SHIPPING by using this RLS exclusive promo code: CCC121210. This promo code is good from the moment this post goes live until this Sunday, December 12th (the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe)! So don't delay, start ordering these great videos for your little saints today!

The movies can be ordered online at or by phone Monday - Friday, 9AM to 5PM Central at 800-935-2222. You can also follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

Oh and don't forget to come back to check out my lovely reviews AND we will also be giving away one of the movies! Stay tuned Catholic homeschooling Mamas....


  1. Oh, the family I babysat for way back when had this whole collection. I wondered if they were still around. Now that I've got my own brood, I need to start my own set!

  2. Oh Michelle, tell me about it! I want them all...what I love about them is that they are in English, Spanish, and not only a Religion lesson but also a Foreign Language ;)