Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nine Days BEFORE Christmas

Today marks Nine Days BEFORE Christmas and this means it's time to start our Christmas Novenas!

A perfect way to continue to prepare for the Birth of our Savior! I found one on the lovely EWTN website that I wanted to share with our readers: Christmas Novena.

To accompany this lovely Novena, on this gloomy and yucky icy day, we will be working on our kid friendly Nativity at our Domestic Church. I got it from the lovely Lacy over at Catholic Icing...I love it when she draws things and shares with us! So here is her DYI Printable Nativity....all you need is TP tubes, her print outs and the basics: glue sticks, scissors, and crayons...and voila! Okay kiddies waiting for me, gotta run!

Here's a peek as to what this lovely printable looks like:


  1. Thanks for sharing with your readers! I LOVE it when you draw things, so pretty and sweet! Draw some more ;) and share, of course. HUGS and stay warm,'s cold out there! PS: LOVE your baby girl dressed as Mother Teresa! BEautiful!