Thursday, June 23, 2011

MixBook Photo Book for 3 Boys & a Dog

My father died when I was about to turn six, that was in 1979. My mom was 25, in a new country, with three small girls ages five, three, and one. My dad was a military hero in my country, my mom was our hero in our lives . My dad died for our freedom and choose wisely (he told her this three years before he died) when he selected her to be our mother, his wife. To honor her on her birthday and for her to have a wonderful memory of our kids, her 12 granchildren, I've made a photo book for her.

I posted a review and Giveaway for 3 Boys and a Dog. Since I couldn't post it on her blog, I'm posting it here. Enjoy! If you want to try to win a 20-page photo book, please visit me over at Kelli's blog, 3 Boys and a Dog. Here's my mom's birthday book of the grand kids:

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Love you Mommy!

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