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Timberdoodle Review: Primary Science Set {Learning Resources Kit}

We just simply LOVE science experiments in our Homeschool!  Science is really an area that we truly enjoy but we were lacking a lot of the necessary tools and equipment to adequetely create some fun and educational experiments for our kids.  This is why I was so excited to have the great opportunity to work with Timberdoodle, Co. and review their product Primary Science Set by Learning Resources, winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio 2010 Gold Seal Award!  :)

My first reaction when I opened the kit was "WOW!" because it contained everything you need for some fun experiments, including the safety goggles!  I love how the 12 lab items are bigger than normal and "chunky" for little preschool and toddler hands.  The items included in the kit are an eye dropper, protective goggles, tweezers, plastic beakers, and test tubes.
Here's an overview of the kit from Timberdoodle's YouTube Channel:

Our Science Lab ready to go!
Another great feature this product has is the 10 Experiment Cards that come with it. The cards are big and they have pictures to help with the beginning reader be a great scientist! :) You still need to read the instructions on the back but at least my little ones felt so grown up looking at the card and checking to make sure that they had all of the equipment they would need for their experiments.  I worked with the three middle children ages six, four, and two.  The box does state that this set is for ages 4+, but I wanted to test and see if you could use it with a toddler, especially since he is almost three.  I actually had him do most of the mixing colors experiment since we've done this in the past with the other two kids.  Above is a picture of all Lab set up {yes I used the word Lab with them}.

The kit comes with these 10 experiment cards.
You do need to provide the different items for the actual experiments as this is a kit to be reused with other ones besides the 10 cards contained. Most of the items (besides the bugs) are everyday household/kitchen items, so I didn't think it was a big deal to round them up. We went ahead and tried all 10 experiments. But for the purpose of this review I will focus on two:  1.  The Volcano Exploding and 2. Mixing Colors.
I had the children double check that we had all the items we needed (all they had to do is look at the cards) and I called out the items as I lifted them {this exposes them to Lab vocabulary}.  Another thing I did was talk about the importance of protecting your eyes in a Lab and how to have fun but be safe.

Jojo pouring the baking powder.

Everyone got a turn doing something.
Even the little guy got to shake and mix colors!
He felt like such a big boy!
"Shake, shake, shake" he sang as he mixed the colors.

I definitely would recommend this product as a great asset to your Science makes it fun and hands on.  It is great for anyone with young children, it will help them get interested in science at an early age and expose them to lab vocabulary.  I am already looking for more experiments we can do using this fabulous little kit!

But do you want to know what I love best about this product?  That it came from Timberdoodle a company that began in 1985 by homeschoolers and now serves second-generation Timberdoodle customers!   "What began as a back porch venture has now grown to include two warehouses and an office, and the children have grown to become customer service reps, web technicians, warehouse workers, order processors, and more. Timberdoodle is still run by the original owners, the Deffinbaughs; they and their five children form the bulk of the work crew."
While visiting their site, I found that Timberdoodle has a program for loyal and return customers, they call it Doodle Dollars.  Basically, you get points every time you shop with them and can use those points to buy new homeshool items!  :)  It's a win, win situation, go check it out:

Want to know more about Timberdoodle, Co.?

Hope you enjoyed this review. 

Learning Resources is a leading manufacturer of learning toys and innovative hands-on educational materials  for classrooms worldwide. For 25 years, Learning Resources has been a trusted source for teachers and parents for quality, award-winning educational products in math, science, social studies, language, language arts, literacy, reading, early childhood, and more.

DISCLOSURE:  I was provided this product from Timberdoodle in exchange for my honest review of it.  This is my opinion about the product and its use with my own children.  In no way shape or form is my receiving this product for free a factor in my HONEST review of this item.

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