Sunday, November 27, 2011

Veni Emmanuel - Happy New Year!

Today is a historical day in our Holy Mother Church, it is the first day of Advent and the first day of the Liturgical year. It is also the first day every parish will be using the "new" Missal (English speaking parishes that is). This is my favorite season of all, it is the time when we look in anticipation forward to the birth of the Lord of Lords and King of King on Christmas. The weather is cooler is some parts of the world and it makes the home come to life! I love the lit fireplaces, and when outdoors the smell of the wood burning as the cool air gently caress your face. It is a time when we see family more and our homes are full of warmth and a hospitable nature. For me, this time is full of new beginnings, not just liturgically but also for each person spiritually. For me, this is when I make resolutions for the new year, a time to look back, analyze how we've spent our days this past year and an opportunity to start over! Isn't that lovely?

Our little family wants to first focus on preparing for the birth of Christ by remembering his past and heritage by using a Jesse tree. Also, by meditating on his coming by reading the daily scriptures and attending Mass as often as possible to receive Him the the Holy Eucharist. Jesus is the King of King and the judge of all, preparing for his birth will also prepare our homes and hearts for His future coming at the end of time.

So how exactly will we be doing this?
1. Refraining from participating in what we call, the "Christmas frenzy" which really isn't very Christ-like at all. (if you missed the news of all the misshaps on "black Friday" - don't Google them, take my word for it, they were NOT how Christ would want us to act in preparation for His birth).

2. Decorating our homes in purple and rose ONLY! Putting out our Advent wreaths and making crafts with the children to decorate our mantle turn Family Altar. On our front window of our house we put Advent Candles on the window each Sunday. We get lots of questions from the neighbors (another little way to evangelize).

3. We do not put any Christmas decorations up until we get closer or even one year we did it on Christmas Eve after dinner, half of us spent the day cooking the other half decorating. My DH and I share a birthday on the 20th, so that is the day (as a tradition in our family) that we set out to hunt for a Christmas tree. No we don't panic that we can't find one but instead know that the one we will find is the one Christ would love.

4. This is our first year using the Jesse tree and we will be doing this every day of the Advent Season. This will help our family recall the entire history behind the coming of Christ.

There are so many wonderful ways to prepare for Advent, every family has his own. If you've never observed this beautiful season, my family and I invite you to try at least one thing new this year and you will receive Baby Jesus with a prepared and humble heart.

Happy Advent Everyone!

Mama Erika

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