Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brother Francis: The Bread of Life {Catholic Children's DVDs}

If you missed my review on Brother Francis: Let's Pray, here's the link!  Today I'd like to help promote another wonderful DVD by Herald Entertainment, Brother Francis: The Bread of Life (the Eucharist)!  It was a perfect addition to our family as our son is preparing for First Confession and First Communion.  In this in-depth DVD Brother Francis makes great comparisons and explanations about the importance of Christ in the Holy Eucharist yet he does this so simply and clearly that even my five and three year old understood!  I did tell you in my first review how much my children love Brother Francis right?  They ask for these DVD all the time! Particularly this one because they love the story of Saint Imelda!  They sing the catchy tunes as well.  I'm totally in love with him too, he's funny and smart, and athletic, a real 'super hero' of sorts that any mommy would  want their kids to love as well!

Honestly, this DVD is jammed packed with so much:
1. the parable of the fruit and the vine
2. the Last Supper
3. about Saint Imelda and the Miracle of the Eucharist
4. staying healthy both body and soul

Here's a great little preview to just give you a taste of this wonderful DVD:

This really is a fantastic addition to our family DVD library.  I love it and the coloring and activity book we received in addition to the DVD, lots of beautiful pictures to color and activities to do.  LOVELY!  I seriously think this would make a perfect First Communion gift for any child!  I wish I had this for my eldest, but feel super blessed that now my four smaller kids will get to grow up with Brother Francis as part of our family and their First Communion journey!

Here's a description from their website:
Join Brother Francis in this delightfully inspirational and instructive presentation that teaches children all about the sacrament of the Eucharist!
This episode contains:

  • “The Last Supper”: animated presentation of Jesus instituting this blessed sacrament.
  • “The Story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini”: the Patroness of First Communicants
  • “I am the Bread of Life”, and “What More Can He Give”: two visualized songs
  • “Brother Francis: The Bread of Life” is an exceptional way to prepare children for their first Holy Communion.
So as I sat here typing this when my almost seven year old walks in and sees me and asked what I was doing.  I told him I was writing about how awesome we thought that Brother Francis DVDs are and he said, "well that's special to me!"  He then said he wanted me to tell everyone this:  "Brother Francis is a great teacher!  I think he is a good guy who loves God very much.  He teaches about the Eucharist and that is super important.  The Eucharist is God and St. Imelda really wanted to receive Him.  I want to receive Him too and I'm very excited about my First Holy Communion coming soon!  It will be one of the BEST days of my life!  Thank you Brother Francis for teaching me the way!"  (That was word for word my friends of what he said, I need not say any more right?)  :)

This mommy is happy that her kiddos are learning about the faith with Brother Francis!  :)

Want to buy one?  Here are all the details: 

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  1. The Bro. Francis DVD 'Forgiven' is excellent for First Reconciliation. The children watched it in one go, and thought it was great. This week we are showing Bread of Life for their First Holy Communion preparation. We will split and show in two halves. We'll get them singing too as the two songs are wonderful. Elisabeth