Friday, January 20, 2012

Homeschooling is Priceless

I taught in Catholic Schools, charter schools, and public schools for a total of 15 years. I "retired" to stay home with my kids and eventually, we ended up home educating them. What I learned the past three years of my life is that Homeschooling isn't just a schooling decision, it's a life changer! There are bumps in the rode because it's not the traditional way I grew up with nor what society thinks is the norm. It also is swimming against the flow....but little by little I've learned to make friends who are like minded for support and also embraced it whole-heatedly. I pray that the Lord wants us to continue homeschooling because the quality of life we have today is priceless!

Thinking about homeschooling?  Here are some great statistical data to help you decide:

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