Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing Catholic Homeschooling 101: A Tutorial for Beginners

Now that I am seeing year three come to an end, I like to think back of how our journey started.  This leads to thinking about the good and the bad, what I did and loved, what we did and changed...but that is the beauty of home educating, you have control of your curriculum and you can pick and choose what works best for your child(ren).  :) 

So in thinking back, the only thing I wish I had was a "tutorial" of sorts so that I had a better idea of what to do STEP-BY-STEP.  Call me square if you want, but I really love "how-to" books and blog posts.  I find them extremely valuable and well, experience is the most important thing in life, in all aspects actually.  Honestly, I learned more from my homeschooling mommy peers (whom do not have teaching degrees) than from co-workers with Masters or PhDs.  You cannot trade a degree for experience, honest to goodness.  When I first started homeschooling, I looked like a freshman in college next to these ladies.  (SHOUT OUT:  Thank you Betsy, Katie, Stephanie, Tina, RuthAnne, Richelle, and Kimberely for all your guidance, patience, and support!  I truly could not have done it without you and might have already been a "homeschool drop out" if it wasn't for you lovely ladies!)  

So here it is, a series of How-To's on home educating entitled "Catholic Homeschooling 101".  It is my hopes that this little tutorial will guide, help and support those who do not have the same IRL support that I received from my friends.
So stay tuned for upcoming tips, tricks, and ideas for Catholic Homeschooling!  I'll be talking about:
  • About Goals
  • About Learning
  • About Life
  • About Growing Up
  • About Fun
  • About Sleep
  • About Letting Go
  • About Love
  • About Procrastination
  • About Time Management
  • About Work
  • and more...


  1. Dear Erika, how can I access the "series of How-To's on home educating entitled "Catholic Homeschooling 101", whenever I click the link I only get an enlarged picture of the "book".

    Thanks a million for this website, it is full of wonderful ideas.


    1. Nancy, I linked them all up on the side bar on this blog, look on the right side! >>>>>>

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  3. Karen, Look on the right side bar of this blog and the links are all there! :-D. Thank yiu for asking! :-D Erika