Friday, December 2, 2011

On Raising Saints: Mama Mission for December {and November Accomplishments}

Welcome to On Raising Saints: Mama Mission!!!  I am setting monthly goals for myself and posting them here.  A couple of mama friends have also joined up in hopes of living a more authentic Catholic life.  If you missed my introductory post On Raising Saints: Mama Missions, please go there first before continuing and especially if you want to participate as well.

November Mission Update:  November was my first month doing the Raising Saints: Mama Mission.  November has come and gone and now I get to let you all know how I did, lol. {hear the lack of excitement in my voice?}  Looking back, my November Mission was VERY ambitious (don't say I told you so, but one of you told me so, lol).  Here's my list from November:

These are my missions for the month of November:

1.  Get up at 6:30AM.  {Epic fail!  I think I did this maybe 5 of the 30 days in November, I'm so not the early bird!  *sigh*}

2.  Get to bed by 10:30PM.   {Another Epic fail! Of course, I am totally an night owl, this is something I've been trying to work on for two years now, so I have to cut me some slake and not think I can accomplish this in 30 days, lol (Why?  see epic fail above in no. 1)}

3.  Update the Chore Chart now that the kids are ready for new jobs (smaller kids ready for more responsibilities).  {I started this and not finished, I'm analyzing whom will do what and testing out before printing so, I'll say this is half done}

4.  Finish reading Raising Real Men for Timberdoodle.  {Still reading the book, love it, but I'm also reading 3 other books, I have to stop reading more than one at a time, lol, add to December mission?}

5.  Keep up with reading and using Magnificat on a daily basis to start and end my days with prayers.  {I did pretty good with this one, LOVED the Magnificat and posting about how awesome it is and what a great Christmas gift this would be from your hubbys *hint* *hint*}  

6.  Go to daily Mass.  {This got squashed because our Parish went from two Masses daily to one Mass and alternating mornings and evenings.  My hubby did better than I on this one, and since we are ONE in Christ through Marriage, I'll give this one a half accomplishment as well, lol}

7.  Get to Co-Op in time for the Rosary which isn't mandatory so I use that time to get there instead of being there :(.  {This didn't happen but once, Co-Op is over.  I did, however prayed the Rosary on the way there if we knew we weren't going to join the group.  Half accomplishment!}

8.  Purge toys and clothing by giving the good things away to those who need them.  DONE!  Yay, this felt so good...I got two huge garbage bags full, also got a still usable but not needed monitor and donates all to Goodwill.  I need another toy purge though and deciding on becoming a minimalist in this department, more later.}

9.  Stick to my daily schedule with the kids as much as possible (I know things happen but I really need to be more in this).  {With some wiggle room, this was accomplished, except not at the desired times, see #s 1 and 2 above!}

10. Catch up with all the reviews I need to do for this blog (I have a box full of goodies).  {Reviews are in the works, for some reason (maybe because of Christmas) a bunch of them came in the door all at the same time}

While I did make progress in some of the items, I didn't get most of it accomplished so for November I'll have to say that:

My On Raising Saints Mama Mission for December 2011:  I'm going to go lean this time and not set myself for some future failure, rofl, and considering we are busy with Advent and preparing for Christmas, here is my mission:
1.  Get up at 6:30AM &  Get to bed by 10:30PM.
2.  Update the Chore Chart now that the kids are ready for new jobs (smaller kids ready for more responsibilities).
3.  Finish reading Raising Real Men for Timberdoodle.

What is your December Mama Mission?  If you participated last month, how did you do?

Mama Erika

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