Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teaching Reading: Working with Words {Shake It, Roll It, Write It Game}

Months ago, I wrote a post on essentials in teaching reading.  I would like to continue this series with focusing on working with words.  Like I said in my last post, the more interesting you make it for kids the more they will want to participate in the steps to learn how to read independently.  This next activity gives you an idea of a game you can use over and over again to make creating words and reading interesting for little ones.

This next game I call: "Shake it, Roll it, and Write it!"  I've created a printable to share with you and here are some pictures with my kinder and first graders using this game to learn new words or practice old one

Click here to access the PDF for this game

With this printable you will be able to create seven blocks each unique to the other to create this game.

This is the recording sheet I created to accompany the game.
I inserted mine in sheet protectors and the kids used dry erase markers

The final recording sheet.  This one was played as a team, so they both had the same words and score since it was one of the first times we played.  Once proficient, the kids will get to compete with one another.  This game could also be played solo or keep track of weekly scores.

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