Monday, May 14, 2012

A Word on Caution on Homeschooling {and a letter to myself}

What's the old saying, "hind-sight is 20/20"?  If I knew what I know today about homeschooling back in 2008 when we first started thinking about it, I wouldn't have had a second thought about it.  Homeschooling is a BIG decision, I'm not trying to make it seem otherwise.  We all have these doubts, so moms and dads that *just* made the decision or still on the fence about it, this one is for you.  I decided to write a letter to myself (three years ago) pointing out the things that my children would be missing if they were to be pulled out of regular school or never attended it, as is the case of my younger children.:

Dear Erika (past):
Right now you are worried about damaging your eldest son because you are pulling him out of Catholic School and formal schooling which he's been in all of his short life but I wanted to tell you a couple things for you to ponder on.  Right now you are wondering if your children will miss out on anything, if they will resent you for not allowing them to attend the contemporary approach to schooling and I wanted to tell you that maybe you are right he will miss out on tons of things...for example:
1. your children will not be able to learn some cuss words from other kids.

2. they might not get to learn what the latest fad is, clothing, electronics, etc., and covet them constantly,

3. your children might not get to learn about sex too early, or able to hear what the "birds and the bees" are really all about from his/her peers,

4. they will not get a chance to be exposed to immodest clothing from those girls who got to school as if they were going to the beach,

5. your children will also not get to hear liberal leaning history of the world,

6. your children might not even get to fully understand how extremely populated the world is and how much he needs to limit his family when he grows up,

7. they might also not get a chance to attend a religious school that might just be teaching things erroneously and then you don't get a chance to correct these errors when he gets home from school,

8. your children will definitely not get to sit all day at his desk without moving, or exploring the outdoors.

9. they won't get to interact with kids that are only their particular age, because you know the real world is like that we only hang out with people that are pretty much a year older or younger or our same age,

and last but not least:

10. your children don't go to regular school, they won't get a chance to socialize with others, he will be shy and never want to talk to adults and definitely won't learn manners.

Are you running out the door right now to register your children in school now?  This is just the tip of what your child will miss out on if they went to "regular" schooling.  

In Christ,
Erika (present)

PS:  There is ONE thing you DO need for this journey, the Sacraments...receive them as frequently as possible to receive as MANY graces as possible...all things with God are possible!

Today, I pray the Lord allows me to continue schooling my children at home.

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