Saturday, May 14, 2011

Be Fruitful & Multiply BLOG HOP: 10 Reasons by Cristina

OK, my family is not big yet but here it goes....

  1. Because each child comes with two helping hands and one very loving heart.
  2. Because the more children we have, the more chances we get to finally raise one right!
  3. Because Jesus said we had to be like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and I am a visual learner, so every extra example helps me remember how to get to Heaven.
  4. Because I enjoy the opportunity to tell people that they are all mine, that we are far from rich, and that there is so much more joy in the simplicity of a large family than they can imagine.
  5. Because they grow up too quickly!
  6. Because the smell of a newly baptized baby is addictive.
  7. Because we need to practice compromise and tolerance and what better place to practice than a home full of different people of different ages and different ways of looking at life?
  8. Because every once in a while, you get a glimpse of the fruit of your labor, and that, is priceless.
  9. Because there is no sweeter way to suffer than to have to sit through hours of whining, crying, messy diapers, illness and know that all they need is you to feel better. God has given us such a grace in the ability to bring comfort to our little needy ones.
  10. Because a child's kiss makes the whole world better and the more children you have, the more kisses you get so the world gets better a lot quicker and a lot more often.

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