Saturday, May 28, 2011

Third Year Here We Come!

Isn't our new logo beautiful?
Yesterday was our last day of homeschool for this school year.  We are super excited to start our summer vacation!!!  Anyone else finished (or about to) already?

Next year Cor Iesu Academy (Sacred Heart of Jesus in Latin) will have an 8th grader, a 1st grader, a kindergartner, a preschooler, and a tot-schooler!  Congratulations to my kiddos and thanks to my beloved, our principal, for making this all possible & for the beautiful logo you designed for our school this year!  :)  Love you honey!

Now my mind can go on Curriculum Selection ONLY mode.  YAY!  Someone contacted me via our FB page that she is interested in homeschooling.  So I will take the next couple of weeks to post on steps to get to get your homeschool started.  This is the way we went along and "set up shop" and would love to hear how others did differently. 

If you look closely at our logo, we've included the name of our homeschool and the three virtuse we focus on...these aren't the only ones we try to achive/attain but they are the main ones we would like our school to focus on.  We wanted our logo to reflect our reasons for homeschooling.  In the middle is the Sacred Heart since the name of our school is Cor Iesu.  We chose it in Latin over the vernacular since we are Latin Mass goers (when available and possible, but our parish doesn't offer it).  In addition, it is the traditional language of the Church so we chose to go with it since we are more traditional than not.  Also, we've included the Papal Keys on each side because we follow and obey the Magisterium.  We selected our school colors to be red, black and for sacrifice, white for purity, and black for surety. 

So we get to start Year Three with a new logo...we might just have to get uniforms =D

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