Saturday, May 28, 2011

The End leads to the Beginning

I don't think there is anything more exciting than the end of the school year!  It means summer is just around the corner and that calls for LOTS of outdoor time, beach, sun, and lots of fun!  As I looked through my digital pictures {we store them by year and then quarterly by season} I realized that the season we take most pictures is the summer! 

Maybe it's because we have more time or just because it's so pretty outside, I'm not sure but we have so many wonderful shots of our five little (and not so little) blessings!  I think the one that is most excited this year is my seventh grader.  He gets to go to Miami, FL for the entire summer this year and I'm certain he misses the beach as much as his Mama does ;)

I find this time of year particularly stressful though.  Why?  Because I'm already thinking about next year!  My beloved says I stress myself out unnessarily but I have to be frank, if I don't start early (and I think I'm running late) I get more stressed than not. 

Another reason I want to finish my textbook selection early this year is that I want to try something that a friend does.  She plans during the summer and just prints the lessons out during the year.  I've been planning a month at a time these past two years but I think this is burning me out.  So what's the first item to purchase on my list?  Actually, there are two:

1.  Homeschool Tracker
2.  Family-Centered Press's Liturgical Calendar & Planner

I've been using the free edition of the Homeschool Tracker all these years but we are now ready for the real we've been playing with the full version the past couple of months.  {IF you decide to buy, please give them my referral code: HQHGB.  Thank you!}

I also got a great deal on the the Liturgical Calendar in January.  The one I got lasts until next January.  I don't know how I survived without this, oh wait I do, I use to get a regular planner and then go through all the months and write in all the Feast was super time consumming.  Time is something I do not have, so I'm feeling very blessed {and spoiled} with this new Liturgical Calendar & Planner!  Definitely something I want for Christmas {hint, hint for my Beloved}.

These are two items that I wouldn't want to start year three without!
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