Sunday, May 29, 2011

Counting Your Blessings

DJ, our 13-month-old
As we finish this school year and feel totally burned out and ready for a break...You know the time when my children are getting my my nerves the most and I have the least amount of energy?  Then they amaze me!  Remember my post about feeling scared that I wasn't doing a good job homeschooling?  and what a priest told me? You know the one about our kids being HB?  Well, my 13 month old just confirmed this!

How?  Well, we live less than 3 miles away from our parish, we can hear the bells ringing when it's time for Mass or at Noon for the we go out of our way most days to pass by the church as we go run around doing errands.  Why?  Because we like to pass by and say "hi to Jesus!"  Yesterday in the evening, we drove away from our home almost opposite direction to the Church.  As we passed by the street were our Parish is located {no, you couldn't see the Church}, our 13-month-old, says {in his best beginning speaker talk BUT clear as day}:  " Bye, bye Jesus!"

You know I started crying!  Thank you Jesus for the gift of home educating my babies from birth!  I guess I am doing a good job and I'm certain that so are you dear friends!!  So don't forget to count your blessings as you finish another year of home educating!  ;)

Mama Erika

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